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Puma Trinomic Trainers

These are sporting sneakers designed to make a difference. All trainers in the Puma Trinomic series are crafted using multiple color design for maximum effect. Puma Trimonics come in colors like white, grey, red and black; Grey, green, orange and white; blue, grey, orange and white to mention just a few. The shoes are designed using surface mesh fabric material that are beautifully integrated with canvas, synthetic plastic and suede all combined to give super design effect to the shoes. The shoes are conventionally designed with narrow lacing styles with flat form laces expertly treaded. This design is particularly suitable for both the bar style lacing and the crisscross form of lacing. The Puma logo in this series is prominently printed on the surface of the protruding tongue giving credence to authenticity and making the shoe easily identifiable from the rest of the pack wherever you wear them to.

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