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Balenciaga jeans

Jeans initially was considered the work wear, and used to be called “overalls”. It was James Dean who changed the scene by rocking  a pair in Rebel Without a Cause, and the popularity of jeans is soaring till date , yes, the jeans has caused rebel .It has become indispensable part of our life. Balenciaga is redefining jeans further. With the comfort and fit they are providing is like taking it to next level. Balenciaga reworks staple denim jeans with finely coated finish and minimalist detailing. The slim fit and cut, it’s going to make you fall for them .You get it in all size and colors. Pair with fitted shirts and coats if you like and you are set to steal the show. You can go for plain shirts or checks or stripes, just go for any shirt you like and it surely will team with any type perfectly.

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