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J. McLaughlin Stylish Women’s Belt

J. McLaughlin presents a variety of styles for belts for females. The belts are usually made of leather. They can have broad widths or narrow widths. There is great diversity in color of the belts. The belts may be fawn brown or pink or black or dark brown. Mostly, the changes are made at the site where the buckles are usually present. In one belt, the buckle area is marked instead by a single brown ring through which broad brown flaps from each side pass. In another, the buckle is that of a fit-in style, long and silver in color with a thin silver chain dangling from its centre. Another buckle style is that of two twisted oval-like rings that fit into each other for fastening the belt. Turn locks are also available. If the buckle is prototypical of all the belts, the belt style is changed.

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