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J. McLaughlin Turn-Lock Belt

J. McLaughlin creates belts for both men and women. The turn lock belt range is typically for men. These belts are made of leather and are broad in width. This width imparts a sense of masculinity to the belt. The color is an added factor. The color of the belt is brownish maroon which makes it capable of being used with a number of shirts and jeans. The belt does not have a prototypical buckle lock which is used by all belts. Instead it has a turn lock. The turn lock is in the form of a knob which is attached to a base, which when it is twisted, opens up the belt. Alongside this knob lie two oval silver rings which are of the same size and shape as the base of the knob. The rings outline oval deficiencies in the belt substance.
J. McLaughlin Turn-Lock Belt

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