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Lanvin Medium Goatskin Bow Belt, Black

The Lanvin Medium Goatskin belt is very unique among the belts of all other companies. For one, it is not made of typical leather stuff. It is made of goatskin which is a lot more flexible than the leather. For another, it is not made of goatskin throughout. Instead, the front part and most of the belt is made of goatskin. The part behind this is elastic in nature, allowing the belt to fit a variety of waist sizes. Thirdly, the belt does not use any buckles for fastening itself. Instead, at the front, the goatskin stuff folds itself and ties upon itself to create a large bow. The belts of this type may come in many colors, but black is a popular choice. The goatskin has horizontal lines over it.
Lanvin Medium Goatskin Bow Belt, Black 1

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