4 years ago

LP Blue Skinny Belt Set

LP Blue puts forward its offer of two belts. Both belts are solid and simple. This means that they do not have any designs over them. Also, the widths of both belts are very narrow. They are hardly two finger breadths in width. This makes them look more stylish and fashionable than ever. The colors of all belts are the same throughout. The colors may be black, brown or silver. In one set, a black belt pairs up with a dark brown belt, while in another a black belt pairs up with a silver one. The major unique feature of these belts is the style of the buckle. The buckle is not a simple rectangle like those of the other belts. Buckles of LP Blue Skinny belt sets are elongated and thick. Brand name is not written on the belts.
LP Blue Skinny Belt Set 1

LP Blue Skinny Belt Set 2

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