4 years ago

LP Blue Stretch Belt

LP Blue has great diversity in the field of belts. One of its various ranges of belts is that of stretch belts. The stretch belt range is part leather and part elastic. The leather part is the part that comes at the front. It features a buckle which is thick and silver in color. The part at the back is made of elastic colored the same color as the belt itself.  The buckle is somewhat circular in color instead of the prototypical rectangular shape. The length of the belt is somewhat less to look at, but the fact that it is stretchable compensates this factor. The belts are, otherwise, completely simple. There is no design over them. All belts are of the same color throughout. The color can be black or dark brown. As is the case with most of the companies, LP Blue does not put its brand name over the belts.
LP Blue Stretch Belt 1

LP Blue Stretch Belt 2

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