3 years ago

LP Blue Studded & Solid Belt Set

LP Blue offers two belts at the same time. Both are leather belts with very narrow thickness. Therefore, these belts target the female audience mostly. One of the belts is plain and simple, with no design over it. The other has studs over its body. Both belts have silver buckles. Both are of one color in their entirety. For example, in one set the solid belt is black, while the studded one is grayish silver in color. In another, the solid belt is of shiny green color while the studded one is of light brown color. The buckles are thick and have a greater width than length. The studs are not very protruding, as one might expect. On the contrary, they appear as tiny silver buttons all along the body. The brand name is not written anywhere on the belts.
LP Blue Studded & Solid Belt Set 1

LP Blue Studded & Solid Belt Set 2

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