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Luciana Verde Skinny Belt

Luciana Verde presents many types of belts with many designs and widths. Some are narrow in width. Others are broad and thick. These belts are of different colors. The colors include black as the most popular option. Other colors include white, yellow and blue. Also, the design used on most belts employs other colors. For example, black may be used with pink. These belts are made of leather. They have a patterned surface even when there is no embellishment over them. One of the designs used by Luciana Verde is that of a stitch pattern present on one side of the belt only. This stitch pattern is represented by broad pieces of leather of another color that weave in and out at only one side of the belt. Nearly all have silver buckles for closure. There is no place given to the brand name, so Luciana Verde relies on the style to represent itself.

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