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M Missoni Grommet Belt

M Missoni Grommet Belt is a leather belt which does not have much width. It is neither very broad nor very narrow. The color is somewhere between light and dark blue, with a dusky hue added to it. The leather belt has typical closure style using a buckle which is silver in color and simple in architecture. It is a simple belt except for the embellishments across its body. These embellishments include silver rings. The rings are placed at regular intervals. These silver rings encircle holes in the belt that are present throughout the body. The belt is both stylish and simple. M Missoni Grommet does not write its name on the belt. Therefore, the design is meant to speak for itself. While the outer side is blue, the inner side of the belt is faun to white in color.
M Missoni Grommet Belt 1

M Missoni Grommet Belt 2

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