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Maison Martin Margiela Men’s Grained Leather Contrast Belt

Maison Martin Margiela is famous for creating unique belts. The contrast belt edition has been coloured with three colours: black, light brown and a darker brown. The belt does not have unique styles in its fashioning; it is a simple belt with a simple silver buckle that is just like any other buckle on any other belt. The buckle is rectangular in shape. The stuff is leather which has been grained to make the belt look of a high quality and to make it more handsome. The exterior of the belt is black mostly, except for the upper margin where a sizeable width of a light brown strip runs. The inside is dark brown in colour with the words “made in Italy” etched towards the buckle end. Yet again, Maison Martin Margiela does not etch its own brand name over the belt. The item is decent enough to be worn by men of any age.

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