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Maison Martin Margiela Men’s Ring Detail Leather Belt Brown

Belts come in a great variety of styles. Maison Martin Margiela creates unique kinds of belts. The Ring Detail belt is made of high quality leather which adds to its handsome looks and high durability. The surface of the belt is patterned with a snake-skin like print. The belt is darkest of brown in colour, and is quite decent to look at, in spite of being highly stylish at the same time. The buckle is not the prototypical regular one. Maison Martin Margiela introduces the ring buckle, which is a silver ring with a stud towards the inside which is squeezed through the hole of the customer’s choice. The ring itself has number engraved on its exterior. The belt does not bear the brand name of Maison Martin Margiela anywhere. The style of the belt is such that it would suit both a teenager and an office-going adult.

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