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Maison Martin Margiela Men’s Wolf’s Head Leather Belt Brown

Maison Martin Margiela takes a step ahead in the art of fashioning belts by introducing the wolf’s head edition. The belt is dark brown in colour, with a rough fur-like texture on the outside. The real stuff of the belt is leather, and the roughness has been carved into it. If this wasn’t stylish and attractive one, the buckle bears a huge wolf head, with its mouth open in a snarl and its fur flying all around. The buckle is large and silver, and the wolf’s head is also the same in colour. The buckle is oval in shape and does not close like the regular buckles. It has a stud protruding from its posterior aspect which is fitted into the right hole. The belt is both durable and fashionable; it is good to look at and has the aura of being expensive. Although the colour is quite sober, the buckle makes it more of a teenager kind of belt.

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