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Richard Nicoll Mens Leather Belt Orange

Orange might not be perceived as a masculine colour, but Richard Nicoll manages to use the very same colour to create a belt for men. The belt is made up of leather, which imparts a high quality to it, both in looks and in reality. There is no print on the belt but that just makes it look more elegant and decent. The inside is somewhat grayish in colour; the outside of the belt is of a mild shade of orange. The orange, however, does not look weird; it looks stylish. On the inside, amidst the grey, is etched the name Richard Nicoll in huge letters. The buckle is thick and silver in colour, rectangular in shape and simple in design. The belt ends in a conical sort of design. The leather stuff imparts durability and long life to the belt. In spite of its colour, it is decent enough to be used by older people as well.

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