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Boot slippers

Boot slippers with super soft quilt structure is an exclusive winter collection that not only warm your feet in winter but also gives a supple and cozy look with its most eye catching and heart winning designs. The shoe is made up of hundred percent polyester with soft lining. The inner sole is composed of wool to give a warm look for your feet and you never feel shivering and freezing. Its soft lining and bow back detail at side add further features to this design. Many shoes are equipped with small tussle lining while the outer soft sole is completely slippery resistant tread. Available in elephant grey with white imprinted design, shot fur white color and greyish fur design, multi-color with pinkish outline, navy blue color and aqua green color. This shoe is easily washable but required little precautions as cannot be bleach and iron and cannot be dry clean. The dark color shoe should be washed separately.

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