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Dolce & Gabanna Scavigliata Black Bootie with Lace

Dolce & Gabannastrike with balance, with more sensations, allure and intricate feminine designs for its prospective customers. It now introduced new version of closure shoe as Scavigliata Black Bootie with Lace to its loyal consumers. This contoured bootie is featured with a retro lace up panel and a narrow platform. They stylish curved shaped heel is approximately 4.75 inches with platform of 0.5 inches. The platform is made up suede and has a two toned combination of black and charcoal grey color.Thefront has seam almond toe style. The crisscross design and lacy look is accompanied with butterfly cutting edges in blackout palette and sleek silhouette. These shoes are manufactured in and imported from Italy. The outer soul lining is smooth flat shaped in black color with hard texture. The height of the oval round tow is 1 inch above the ground. These shoes are perfect for office wearing and also called as salon shoes.
Contoured bootie with a retro lace-up panel and a hidden platform.

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Dolce & Gabanna Scavigliata Black Bootie with Lace

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