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Chi Chi London cocktail dress with lace overlay

The Chi Chi London cocktail dress is a black mesh full skirt dress. This short dress extends midway between the thigh. It is made with a black sheer, sleeveless dress with bateau neckline cut, shading some section of the collarbones. The dress is then ornamented with a delicate design of lacy overlay. The pattern consists of black flowers and leaves, over a white background. The lacy overlay is outlined with a sheath princess cut dress, where the top part is body fitting up to the waist, while the lower part is spread open. The skirt displays fine pleats with little intervals in between. This allows the skirt to create a shape with volume. This Chi Chi London dress creates a young and playful personality without the need for the common rainbow colored cloth. Black and white dresses can still look joyful with just the proper complementing design. This dress is for all the gleeful ladies out there.

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Chi Chi London cocktail dress with lace overlay

Chi Chi London cocktail dress with lace overlay

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