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Club dress in animal print

You`re probably looking for a special and good looking casual dress. This Club L PU Sleeve Swing Dress in Animal Print is the perfect choice for you, if there`s sometimes a little bit of wildness in your inner that you never show to anyone. We all know that the tiger is a wild and dangerous animal, but if you`re one of these “dangerous” ladies, this dress can perfectly express this characteristic of yours that is hidden inside of your personality. This good looking dress can be worn at a party or any other event spent together with your friends. Its shell is made of 95% viscose and 5% elastane. When you`re washing it, check its indications on the washing label, so you won`t ruin the material. However, it is possible to wash it with the machine. This animal print dress features lightweight and stretch jersey main, boat neckline, leather-look raglan sleeves, loose swing shape.

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