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River Island long sleeve cocktail dress

Talk about a bit of innovativeness in design and this is the dress you can come up with! Who said full sleeves can’t be cute? If you want to be unique when it comes to what you wear then this what you come up with. There is nothing more attractive than powder blue colour and sequins that adorn them. You have to be blind to not see the beauty in it. Because this dress is not something that you can wear jewellery with, do what you can do make it stand out with the best pair of shoes you have. You can do a lot with your hair when you wear this dress. It does not take a lot. You can tie them up and keep them messy or just leave them loose and straight. One thing you should not do is wear curls with this dress! It is just plain hideous.

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River Island long sleeve cocktail dress

River Island long sleeve cocktail dress

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