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Vivid blooms cocktail dress

The classic sweetheart, high waist dress is always a head turner. With the embellishment of a very artistic design, this cocktail dress will surely catch admiring glances from the crowd. The vivid bloom design of this cocktail dress is a bunch of beautiful flowers with striking bright and vibrant color. The dominant hues are pink, teal and white. This dress is body fitted in the upper torso and a semi fit skirt that reaches mid-calf length. A noteworthy characteristic of this outfit is the long and daring slit in the middle of the skirt, dividing it into two proportionate sides. This teasing cut extends up to the thigh. This wardrobe is a kind that would make a diversion from the usual plain dresses. The colorful cloth suggests a lighter and more playful atmosphere. This would go best with any simple high heeled sandals or shoes. You may adorn it with a nice necklace that hang gorgeously below the neck.

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Vivid blooms cocktail dress

Vivid blooms cocktail dress

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