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Christian Louboutin glitter slingbacks

There is no denying the fact that Christian Louboutin high heel shoes are meant for the riches. Their high heels are characterized by incredibly steep narrow back pencil heels which can only be handled with people possessing nimbleness. Following in the same league are the Christian Louboutin Glitter Slingbacks and oh my god…they are so beautiful! Irresistible and tantalizing these are a pair you would willingly trade all your feet’s comfort for. Our designers do use expensive and most delicate materials to lay down the base of the shoe but such an exaggerated elevation is bound to give you some trouble and uneasiness if worn for longer hours. But everything comes back from where it started once you take a glimpse at this product…it is too good to say no to! Add on to your cart ASAP as these babies sell themselves faster than the speed of the light!

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