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Prada jeans

Prada jeans will bring a touch of class to any men’s wardrobe. Jeans are staple items in any wardrobe and a designer pair from Prada makes them really something special. Prada jeans are slim cut and dyed a range of hues from mid -range blues to the darkest of indigo.  The denim cloth is treated with a variety of finishes to create a worn in and the ‘whiskers’ look across the thighs in some styles, on others a wax coating creates a leather like appearance. Coloured stitching creates a contrast for pairs of indigo jeans and orange stitching brings a retro look to straight cut styles. There are a range of different pockets and the Prada logo features prominently on some of the jeans. These jeans can be dressed down for the weekends with leather trainers and a woollen jumped or be worn to a special occasion with a well cut blazer, dress shirt and leather oxfords.

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