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Pashmina scarves

The pashmina scarves are one of the most luxurious accessories of women since 1990s. They have a rich history and enhance the wearer’s appearance. They bring sense of style, uniqueness and comfort. They can be made to dress up on a casual or formal dress.  They are available in a large variety of colours and patterns. They are particularly suited for winter months and always find a place in the women’s wardrobe. These pashmina scarves are made from goat’s wool which is exclusively found in Himalayas in India or Pakistan. These are lightweight, soft and extremely warm. They are typically worn wrapped several times around neck with a drape at the front or on shoulder. They can be worn in number of ways to create a desirable look. The wide variety of colours matches the trendy colours of the season complimenting the woman. These pashmina scarves are elegant fashion statement.

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