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Gucci diaper bags

Are you a style conscious and a new mom? You do not like carrying those messy and tacky baby print diaper bags with your attire? You do not like stuffing your luxury ‘it’ bags with baby food and diapers? Then you need not worry any more with these super trendy and wow factored diaper bags from Gucci which will bring out the yummy mummy in you. Here is a very spacious ivory and brown diaper bag in the typical Gucci logo print. A trendy logo print bag, in light ivory and grey with beige detail. A soft looking, ivory, logo print bag, with dramatic bird embroidery and grey detailing. An innocent looking lightest brown, logo print diaper bag in flesh and grey detailing. Also available is a set of a diaper bag and a canvas baby carrier. A simple black baby diaper bag in logo print. An ivory and brown baby diaper bag by Gucci in logo detail and front chain, side pockets and leather detailing.

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