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Stella McCartney Sunglasses

Fashion is not about making sense, fashion may just well be about breaking the bounds of what is considering cool and amazing, and making that the new trend. Trendsetting is the highest stature that one can achieve when it comes to fashion and style. We see many of the industry’s leading designers in the end reaching towards this end goal, of becoming a trend-setter. And here, we have Stella McCartney’s sunglasses, some designs which are so simple, that they might just become the new trend, something which can be followed by the society at large. The biggest and most common aspect of these sunglasses is the massively wide and large frame and temple, with purely square shaped, or in some cases round shaped glasses with a wide hinge. The colors differ, such as you can find one in black and yellow, or the temple and upper part of the frame being silver, while the lower part being black.

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