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Thierry Mugler Sunglasses

Many different companies have their own signature styles, especially when it comes to sunglasses. Deciding upon what sunglasses to wear is a very important part of your apparel, and many times once who have found that one company which suits you, you normally stick to that company, to their style statement for quite a while. An example would be Raybans and their Wayfarers. But one company that is not as famous, but is nevertheless extremely stylish and has its own unique style, is the sunglasses of Thierry Mugler. In most of their sunglasses, whether they are aviator or rectangle or wayfarer, they have black frame and temple with small white dots going around it, like stars in a sky. Despite this one kind of style, in some styles, although, they do change it to red instead of black. Moreover, they have different shapes, and come in even the less used oval shapes.

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