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Veja Acacia Toile Bag Turquoise

Veja is one of the most desirable accessories brands every girl is looking for. They offer a wide range of products from shoes to bags and one of their gems is Veja Acacia Toile Bag Turquoise. The color, the material, the style, design everything is just wow. The beautiful combination of brown with turquoise work wonders for the wearer. It has a beautiful strong brown strap to carry it in different stylish ways. The strap is adjustable and one can adjust it accordingly. Apart from long strap it has two small straps if you want to hold in hands. Other than the one large compartment, it has 2 small portions on the front as well. This is a multi-functional bag and can be used by moms as well as school going girls. Its stylish design, appealing color and durable material make it the most appreciated by the girls of all ages.

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