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Seven fashion rules that you must break

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Each season a new collection of parades, colors, patterns and trends is presented. Practically, we are bombarded with new information, look and tips on how to use and combine them properly. In fact, fashion has to do with personality and style.  Are you showing “you” to the world, the way you want? To grab the attention of the world, you have to break the general rules of fashion. Discover all the rules you can break right now:

  • White can be used forever! It is one of the most versatile colors and, now, can and should be used both in winter and summer to have a different look. White pants are no longer an exclusive hot station and shall be used throughout the year.
  • Match your shoes with your wallet: of course you can use your red shoes with a red wallet or purse, but this rule is increasingly unfashionable. You can mix colors of your accessories to improve the overall look.
  • The clutch bags should only be used at night or at a party: wrong! Envelope and clutch bags are accessories that can transform any look and are increasingly used to go to work, as for a dinner or a sunset. Grab it and use them at any time of the day.
  • Do not mix patterns: This has become an outdated rule. Before, the fashion world had forbidden it, but now has become one of the largest trends seen in street style. Patterned animals mixed with polka dots or geometric patterns… everything are allowed!
  • Blue and black do not match is a lie: If you want to break the rules, then you should mix blue and black cloths accordingly. The attractive and strange combination between black and blue has become a modern combination, increasingly used.
  • Sequins and metallic fabrics are reserved for the night: the shimmering dress continues to be a good bet for a night at the Club with your friends, but this kind of pieces is used during the day. Metallic fabrics conquered the runway and the street style, and it’s usual to see them shine in daylight only needs to choose a more striking piece and keep the rest of your look simple enough.
  • Mix gold with silver: For many people it is a strange combination like the combination of blue and black. Up to this time, people consider silver and gold are enemies. When it comes to style, it appears more united than ever. So, use them together without fear.

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