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Your red dress and the right makeup

Red is one of the common colors that women wear or put on as makeup. Red gives out a strong and vibrant message compared to other colors. Not all makeups will match with your elegant red dress, so you need to choose wisely so as to look your best. When it comes to your red dress and the right make up it depends on your skin tone. As a woman you want to look good but you need to make sure not as to overdo it.
If you have an extremely pale or dark skin then, the red dress is ideal for you, but any women can try and work it out with a red dress. If you have the makeup right then you can easily wear a red dress and look gorgeous. When you are setting the foundation, you need to choose one that matches with your skin tone, but at the same time avoid excess coverage which will appear bad with a red dress. A tinted moisturizer is ideal for flawless skin, followed by a light face powder. When it comes to your cheeks make sure not to put on to much shade of the blush to the color of your dress.
The “smoke eye” is the best for your eyes. This is a makeup technique that may be hard to master, but it is worth it. One needs to practice way before their big night so that you look elegant on that day.  The eye lashes need to have a long and thick look but not clumpy.
The lips are tricky, if the color red matches with you then it is ideal to try a red lipstick. If your lips are naturally red one can enhance the look a bit. Otherwise, the red color might not suit you, and that’s why a sheer tone that is near the natural color of your lips will suit you.

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